Is Amber from The Bachelor being bullied for being human?

13 girls. 1 man. Don’t worry Amber. I’d be going crazy too.

You’re in a house, full of gorgeous women, vying for the attention of one man. Just the thought is making me a little stir crazy. So why is Amber from The Bachelor Australia being targeted as “the biggest sook on reality television” for simply being a human?

For those who aren’t aware of Amber’s antics, it all started when she couldn’t participate in a group date that was on a farm, as she has an allergy to horses. And since then, Amber has been waiting eagerly to get another chance to have some time with Blake.

From there it continued to go downhill for Amber, as being the only girl in the house yet to go on a date was taking its toll, big time.

Crying and tantrums from a 26-year-old may be a bit over the top. I know. But it’s easy for us to say “suck it up and get over it” from the comfort of our couch, as we watch a group of girls fight it out for just five minutes of Blake’s time.

Last night, after being tricked into thinking she had missed out on a date again, Amber was again on the verge of tears. While she did get the alone time she’s been waiting for, this quickly sparked nasty comments about her on Twitter. Comments like:

Do you think Amber is being bullied or just acting like "a sook"?

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