The Bachelor's Amber: "I should have walked out."

She was booted even before a rose ceremony, but Amber only has one regret. 

We feel you, Amber.

She had threatened to walk out on The Bachelor many times after missing out on several group dates and being the only one of the “original girls” not to go on a single date.

And last night we found out why. Amber was pulled aside during the cocktail party to be told by Blake that he didn’t feel the pair had forged a connection. Blake then told Amber that he would like her to exit the show before the Rose Ceremony, as he felt she deserved better than to go through that process.

Now, Amber says she should have walked out on the show when the intruders came in.

“The only regret throughout my entire experience on the show was that I didn’t walk out the night of the intruders when I gave the rose back to Blake. That should have been my time” Amber told the Herald Sun.

After riding an emotional roller-coaster on the show, Amber says she feels relived and happy that she is no longer in competition for Blake’s heart and attention.

“My journey was over and, in the end, it was not a healthy environment for me and I knew that leaving was for the best” Amber went on to say.

Yet last night, Amber explained she felt her departure was unfair since she was never really given an opportunity to get to know Blake, as she hadn’t had adequate one-on-one time.

Blake previously told PopSugar “If I’m taking someone out on a single date, it’s because I’ve felt a stronger connection. Given the format, it makes sense I’m saying goodbye to someone I don’t know as well, if I’m not feeling it. If it’s someone I suspect that we have a bit of a connection but haven’t had the time yet, they’ll stay there.”

Amber says she has moved to Melbourne in hopes of pursing an acting career and would like to score a role on a soapie.

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