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An STD and the c-word: Just all the rumours about what's happening in The Bachelor mansion.

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It’s week three of our favourite season of the year: Bachelor season. And it’s about to get cloudy with a chance of STDs.

Yes, we’ve barely left the airport on our ~journey~ of following 20-odd woman vie for the heart of an astrophysicist/banker named Matt, and we already have a growing list of rumours about what’s really going on behind the mansion walls.

And one of them involves gonorrhoea.

Look, we don’t know the validity of such rumours, nor are we at all about shaming anyone for contracting an STD (hey, it happens), but when it comes to Bach rumours, an STD in the mansion is just too good to ignore.

We bet Osher is horrified.

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But – to our utter delight – it’s not the only NSFW rumour to come out of this spicy season early doors.


Behold, our list of the best Bachie rumours floating around reality TV land and maybe some that we also made up.


Let’s be real: one of the best things about The Bachelor is the fighting between contestants.

You know that rush you get when you see a woman marching towards another at a cocktail party, champagne in hand, slightly red eyes and a wobble in her step, ready to yell at her for flirting with their shared boyfriend?

the bachelor australia 2019 recap
More champagne-fuelled yelling, pls.

It's like a drug.

Well, according the Woman's Day, our villains are set to reveal themselves in coming episodes which means potential fighting and we can't bloody wait.

In fact, the contestants were reportedly so mean to each other during filming, some women requested to switch rooms.

“The tension was so bad that the girls started refusing to sleep in the same room as each other,” one source told Woman’s Day.

“At one stage there was something of a bedroom protest,” they added, explaining that contestant Cassandra Mamone insisted she be moved from her shared bedroom.

The publication also claimed that Sogand Mohtat is the contestant to keep an eye on.

“She’s been cast as nothing more than trouble,” the source said. (Thank you, Sogand).

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“She went around accusing a lot of the girls being fake… it ruffled a lot of feathers.”

It’s believed tensions between the contestants will begin to build during this week’s episodes of The Bachelor.

“The girls begin to get desperate and start to do outrageous things to get his attention [during this week’s episodes],” New Idea reported.


Bring. It. On.


According to other "sources", sex also happens on this season of The Bachelor for the first time in Australian history.

We don't know how much sex, with whom, or whether this is the source of the aforementioned STD that may or may not be completely made up, but we're more than here for the rumours.

When asked about the alleged hanky-panky, contestant Abbie, who made out with Matt for approximately six hours last episode, said it'd be "impossible".


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Didn’t think I had a “type” until I met Matt. @thebachelorau #thebachelorau

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“We don't even get a minute with Matt off camera,” she explained to Now to Love. “And there's always someone next to us. It's impossible!”


In fact, last year, 2Day FM radio star and resident spoil sport Grant Denyer revealed that sex is forbidden on the dating show.

“You're not allowed to get it on,” he said. “There's no sex allowed on set.”

He added that the rules are different for Bachelor in Paradise.

“You have to announce to the whole crew that you're about to do it and they go, 'Bring in the consent camera',” Grant explained.

“And they bring in a consent camera where you go to confess to everybody on production that 'I consent to doing this,' before you actually do it in front of everyone. That is the formal process of how to get it on, on television in Australia for 2018.”



And now for the rumour you've all been waiting for:

Someone has gonorrhoea and is telling everyone in the mansion about it while they're all competing for the same guy, which feels like a very silly idea.

No, really, of the list of people you shouldn't tell when you've contracted an STD, we'd say your fellow Bach contestants would be pretty high up there.

But hey, we do hear they get pretty bored between takes.


“She was pretty vocal about it and soon enough all the girls in the house were talking about her having gonorrhoea," a source told Now to Love. "Supposedly her ex-boyfriend gave it to her before she came on the show.”

The contestant in question also apparently shared graphic details of her sex life to the other girls.

“Although some of them were a bit uncomfortable with what she was discussing so openly.”

But it's very likely it's all completely made up, as all Bachelor hopefuls are tested during the application process.

“It's true we had to have STD/STI tests – it's like a background check,” one former Bach star previously told the publication.

The c-word and Trent from Punchy

No, Trent from Punchy doesn't make a surprise appearance on a group date. Even though that would make great television.

He has, however - in the most Australian turn of events you could possibly imagine - been brought up amid the impending-yet-already-iconic "dog c*nt" stoush of 2019.

You just can't make this stuff up.

TV Week has reported that Monique and fellow contestant Rachael were actually doing Trent from Punchy impressions when the alleged comment was made, which Abbie reportedly took way too seriously before marching off to dob them in.

“We were in stitches laughing,” Monique told the publication. “I don’t remember exactly what was said, but if it was said, it was as a joke. It was taken completely out of context.”


Look, not everyone has memorised the utterings of YouTube treasure/Australian hero Trent from Punchy, even though it should really be in the curriculum for every Australian school, so maybe Abbie just didn't... get it.

Or maybe she's just not used to people hurling around the c-word like a MAFS dinner party and was alarmed by the foul language. Who knows.

Whatever it was, Matt seems very upset by it all.

He told TV Week of the incident: “It did mess with my head a lot. After that cocktail party, I had a real hard time trusting [anyone]. I had no idea who was telling the truth and what was a lie. It did kind of have a mental impact. I spoke to the psychologists regularly after the rose ceremonies, but this was certainly one of the longer chats we’ve had.”

Abbie says she was also affected by the drama; “I wasn’t coping. I had to call the psychologist, and the minders were a bit worried. I didn’t eat for three days. I just slept and cried. I really wasn’t well.”

In Wednesday night's promo, we see Matt confronting Monique before telling the entire cast that the cocktail party has been a “tremendous waste of time”.

We desperately wish it was Wednesday.

Matt is a fraud

As revealed last week, Matt Agnew has been working at a bank, not in space as we’ve been led to believe.

Fans of the reality show were shook when The Sydney Morning Herald reported that 31-year-old Agnew was secretly working at one of the country's biggest bank, NAB.

Matt Agnew past relationships
Tell us who you really are, sir.

“He’s been working as an analyst on secondment,” a source revealed to gaping mouths across the nation.

Agnew spoke to Kyle and Jackie O to set the record straight about it all. He owed it to the nation, after all.

Calling it a “ludicrous” speculation, he said: “Before I went in filming, I was working as an astrophysicist.”


“I was still employed as an astrophysicist during filming,” he continued.

But then, as he explained, he had a slight career shift and how dare he not tell us.

“I basically pivoted and moved into a position as a data scientist,” he said. “I started working with a data science consultancy called Quantium.

“In the two months that I’ve worked for them, I think I’ve had two, maybe three meetings at one of the NAB offices and that was sufficient to create the story that apparently I’m a banker.”

He also spoke to 10 Daily about his slight career change:

“Like anyone wishing to advance in their career, I've taken a job that will give me an extra skill set, hopefully leading to the space exploration side of space down the track. I ultimately plan on using my mechanical engineering, astrophysics, and data science background to find solutions to the goals outlined by the newly minted and growing Australian Space Agency, or the burgeoning private space sector.”

A likely story, but we know the truth: he actually works at Subway.

And his name is Burt.

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