The awesome dad who launched Middle Child Day


Yes, I’m a middle child. I was voted “Most Talkative” in year 8 while my older sister was voted “Best Looking” the year before. With a gorgeous older sister and an adorable younger brother (and then another adorable brother years later), is it surprising that I was always trying to be noticed? Probably not.

You know what else isn’t surprising?

Monday was Middle Child’s Day -- and you had no idea. So typical. Bruce Hopman, the sole member of the mock-serious International Middle Child Union and the creator of “Smack Dab: A Middle Child’s Blog,” wanted middle kids all over Twitter, Facebook and other social media to post the hashtag #midkidstrike to raise awareness for this invisible holiday. "I had to do something to raise awareness for Middle Child's Day," he told the South Florida Sun Sentinel recently. "If we don't pick ourselves up, who will?" Did it trend? Of course not. Again, because middle kids had no idea that a holiday was devoted to them!

The Ft. Lauderdale, Florida-based dad of three (yes, he has a middle child too!) posted some genius online cards on his blog that you could’ve given to the middle child in your life. We know: You would’ve sent them to us if you knew Middle Child’s Day was a thing. Thanks anyway. There’s always next year.

Serena Kappes is an Editorial Director at iVillage US and a middle child (if you care). Find her on Twitter and Pinterest.