The 6 best moments from The Voice 2015.

Farewell, The Voice!

Ahead of The Voice Grand Finale tonight, we’re counting down the six best moments from this year’s season.

But don’t take our word for it – make sure you share your favourite moment with us in the comments section, too.

6. Tim McCallum turned three judges’ chairs with his incredible opera voice. 

McCallum, 34, lost all movement from his chest down in a surfing accident. He can no longer sing using his diaphragm, so was forced to learn alternative techniques for adjusting and projecting his voice.

Delta, the Madden Brothers and Ricky Martin all turned their chairs to indicate they wanted McCallum on their team – and, after learning of his hardships, fourth coach Jessie J expressed regret that she hadn’t turned hers.

Jessie J was visibly moved by McCallum’s story.

She revealed to the audience that she suffered a stroke when she was 18, and that for a time was unsure whether she would be able to sing again.

“When I hear stories like that and I see the determination, it puts it in perspective, how great you can be when you really put your mind to it,” the singer told McCallum.

5. 18-year-old Nathan Hawes sang an acoustic version of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

Do you ever listen to “Shake It Off” and suspect it would be even better if crooned by an uncomfortably attractive 18-year-old in a very fashionable hat? No? Well, it really was:

4. Delta danced to “My Heart Will Go On” with a guy dressed a little like Jesus.

It takes a certain type of bravery to tackle such a Titanic ballad on national television, but it’s a bravery that Blake Galers Holliss possessed. None of the judges turned around as he was singing, but hey, at least he got to hold Delta around the waist and imagine sacrificing his life for her on a sinking ship, which, as we all know, is #TheDream.


3. An ex-member of Scandal’Us auditioned, and nobody turned around.

In what was surely the most awkward moment of the entire season, an ex-member of the now defunct pop group Scandal’Us auditioned for The Voice this year.

And nobody turned around.

For anyone who didn’t watch Popstars in 2001, Scandal’Us was the band formed by the five winners. The band had a number one song, Me, Myself & I, then quickly faded into oblivion (to the shock of everyone watching on).

Daniela Scala was a member of Scandal’Us, but none of the judges recognised her when she turned up to audition for The Voice.

If they had, Jessie J might not have delivered the single most-cringeworthy piece of advice in history: “Keep practising.”


2. Heavily pregnant Amber Nichols blew everyone away with her performance of Sia’s “Big Girls Cry”.

At eight months pregnant, 32-year-old Amber Nichols’ diaphragm was pushed way out of position when she began her career on The Voice. That didn’t stop her from delivering a chilling performance of “Big Girls Cry”, which Ricky Martin declared her “best performance yet.”

1. Jessie and Delta sorted out their differences like adults, not cats.

If there’s one thing we were promised this season, it was catfights. (Much drama. So misogyny.)

As it turns out, however, women whose opinions differ do not always address those differences by screeching and clawing at each other with their fake nails.

Jessie J and Delta were set up to go head-to-head this season. They were going to hate each other. Throw things. Scream a bit. Cry a few times. Bite off chunks of one another’s flesh in the finale.

As it transpired, none of those things came to fruition. In fact, when Delta did get upset over a comment of Jessie’s, both women took the opportunity to address their different approaches to judging.

Delta said she hated leaving contestants feeling humiliated. Jessie J said she felt it was her job to provide constructive criticism. They agreed that it wasn’t necessary for them to agree.

And then everyone continued being cool, because they are grown-up professionals and not zoo animals.

What was your favourite moment from this season of The Voice?

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