That time Ben Fordham lost his baby at the coffee shop.

You turn your back…

It’s every parents’ worst nightmare. That moment when you lose sight of your child in a busy place. Cue time slowing down to a stop. Uncontrollable sweating and complete and utter panic.

It’s a feeling Ben Fordham got a taste of recently, but he couldn’t understand why everyone around him was grinning ear-to-ear while he was panicking.

Freddy Fordham. Spewing on shirts since 2014.

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On Monday, the journalist and radio presenter’s 10-month-old baby (who has some famous babysitters, like Karl Stefonovic, above) disappeared from view on the morning coffee run. Of course, the whole incident had a happy ending, at least until he got home and told Jodie, his wife. 

Fordham shared his parenting fail on This Glorious Mess, the podcast for imperfect parents:



The TV and radio host joined Holly Wainwright in the absence of a school-holiday surfing Andrew Daddo, and Fordham embraced the mess, sharing the story of misplacing Freddy, the unlikely thing he pays his neighbours’ kids to do for him, and the time he almost found himself in an instant family back in his dating days. 

Baby Freddy with parents Ben Fordham and Jodie Speers. A photo posted by Ben Fordham (@benfordham9) on

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