Bourke St victim Thalia Hakin's mother has only just learned of her little girl's death.

Almost one week on from the Bourke St tragedy, the mother of 10-year-old Thalia Hakin has only just learned of her daughter’s death.

Nathalie Hakin was seriously injured in Friday’s tragedy and has been in a critical condition all week, with much of the planning for her daughter’s funeral being carried out without her knowledge.

Thalia Hakin lost her life on Friday.

According to Thalia's father Tony, Nathalie only learned of her daughter's passing at 3am on Wednesday.

Speaking to, Tony said, “Up to this morning she was not aware … So much of the planning had to be done behind her back. Nat woke up and said, ‘I know what happened. Some maniac got my family and I don’t know how to deal with it’.”


Nathalie and Tony's youngest daughter, nine-year-old Maggie was also injured in the tragedy but is in a stable condition.

Along with four others, Thalia died from injuries sustained after alleged killer, 26-year-old Dimitrious Gargasoulas, drove a car through Bourke Street mall on Friday afternoon. A further 37 people were injured.

thalia hakin parents
A tribute left to Thalia in Bourke Street. Image: Sophie Aubrey.

Gargasoulas was shot at and stopped by police almost three blocks away from the mall. He has since been treated for his gunshot wounds and charged with five counts of murder. He is expected to appear in court in August.

Nathalie said Gargasoulas' crime has robbed her of her "little angel."