Nine women share the last text message they received from their mum.



Some parents are amazing with technology. Others? Well…

They may be constantly asking ‘what is emoji?’, or sending message after cringeworthy message. Whatever it is, their texts are usually as hilarious as they are ridiculous.

We asked nine women to look at the last texts they received from their mums to put this theory to the test, and we were not disappointed.

Although we didn’t see any mums as naughty as this one:

Or any who gave a whole new meaning to a ‘dad joke’:

Most of the texts that these 9 women received were caring, silly, or kindly pointing out that they had not heard from their daughters in a little while.


But let’s face it: We’re all going to turn into our mums, so we definitely shouldn’t laugh too hard…

Over to you, what was the last text you received from your mum?