The Instagram that wins First Prize for political piss-take. We give you: Texts From Malcolm.

“If you promise not to retire, I’ll cat-fish Christopher Pyne.”

Oh, the hilarity.

In a week as politically tempestuous as this one, the Internet is bound to come up with some quick-thinking satire to cut through the Media’s straight-talking whitewash.

This week we’ve seen straight outta office memes, and we’ve been asked to #PutYourOnionsOut for the ousted former PM Tony Abbott.

#PutYourOnionsOut (Image: Twitter)

But there is one such parody that has us rolling in the parliamentary aisles.

We give you: Texts from Malcolm.

It turns out, in the alternate universe of Instagram, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is a major sass-monster of the texting variety. And no-one is off limits.

No. One.

Click through for a gallery of HILARIOUS Texts from Malcolm…

He takes down, Christopher Pyne, Brownyn Bishop and radio shock-jock Alan Jones. And apparently, he’s best mates with John Snow, P. Diddy/Diddy/Puff Daddy and our gal-pal Taylor Swift. Wait.

Do you think he’ll make it into the #Squad?

While the page has been up and running for a while (26 weeks to be exact), it’s fair to say in the wake of the #Spill, texts from Malcolm have truly outdone themselves.