Actress Tessa James shares a beautiful positive selfie during cancer treatment.


Home and Away actress Tessa James, 23, remains positive about her recent diagnosis of the cancer, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

She instagrammed a selfie on Sunday, blowing everyone away with her gorgeous and hopeful smile.


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The #nomakeupselfie has already gotten 2000 likes, with commenters outpouring their support for the television star. She has recently ‘grammed selfies with her mother and sister, who have stayed close to her since she has started undergoing her treatment.

Tessa is currently living in QLD with her husband, footballer Nate Myles, who she married in 2012.

Delta Goodrem was also diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2003. This is a rare form of cancer, with only 500 diagnoses a year in Australia. It is most common in young people aged between 15 and 35. In the United States, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma has a five year survival rate of 85%. To find out more about the disease, and how you can help sufferers visit the Leukaemia Foundation.

We wish you the best with your treatment, Tessa.

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