Terry Biviano has defended her parenting style.

It was the kind of party every little girl dreams of; there were golden crowns, floating pink dresses, a photographer, and a gorgeous flower-inspired birthday cake. And two-year-old Azura, Terry Biviano, 40, and Anthony Minichiello’s daughter, was the lucky recipient. In that moment she’d basically won the kid lottery.

The party was held on a beautiful summer day at Darling Point in Sydney, and the pint-sized fashionista was surrounded by all her (probably parents) friends and family. But unfortunately, the day that was has been dampened by critics who have lashed out at Terry and Anthony for “spoiling” their daughter.

Their response? Of course they can spoil their daughter.

Azura is already a fashion star in her own right. (Post continues after video)

Video via Terry Biviano

Anthony, 35, spoke directly to the Daily Mail to address the issue, saying, “At the end of the day we don’t care what anyone else thinks. She’s our daughter and we shower her with as much love as we want.”

The pair, like the Kardashians who received incredible backlash over North’s extravagant one-year-old birthday, make a good point. Anthony is still deeply connected to the NRL and his wife Terry is a hugely successful shoe designer. If they have the means and longing to give their daughter a party she’ll never forget, then what’s the problem with that?


Terry was quick to agree with her husband, saying, “We love a party and if we want to celebrate our daughter’s birthday, then why not. It’s not for everyone else. It’s for her and it’s for us.”

Precisely right, we say.

The family spent New Year’s Eve at Watson’s Bay looking out over the harbour, and dining at the incredible Doyle’s on the Beach. Azura wore a gold crown that day too.

So let the girl wear her headpieces in peace.

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