Terrific. Now kids and 20 year olds are being air-brushed because they're 'flawed'.

School kids aren’t good looking enough. Well, that’s the sentiment of one photography company in Western Australia which has offered parents the option of re-touching their child’s portrait using Photoshop for the princely sum of $15.

Andrea Mayes wrote in the West Australian:

“A spokesman for Fotoworks said the company was not doing anything wrong. He said the airbrushing only corrected minor skin issues and the company did not enhance photographs to remove braces or add missing teeth, for example.

“It’s mainly for pimples or other marks,” he said. “We leave it up to the parents and it’s a very minimal thing that we do.”

This is about finding flaws in the school yard, but even already beautiful celebrities are having their ‘wrinkles’ Photoshopped away on the covers of magazines around the world. And they’re only in their 20s!

Perfect children. Flawless people. Is this what we’re aspiring to? Even female celebrities in their teens and twenties are being heavily digitally altered on magazine covers all over the world every month. So if a 20 year old actress is too ‘flawed’ to appear without extensive air-brushing? What hope is there for the rest of us? And who sets this ideal anyway?