Photos that show our beauty standards have crossed the line

We are so far past the line of what is ok, we can barely see the line.

You don’t have to look far to see that realise society places unrealistic expectations on the way women look. Just take look at the magazine rack at your local newsagent.

In fact you don’t even have to go that far, just have a scroll though your Instagram feed and let those impossibly thin celebrity thighs – there’s a good chance they are not real thighs – make you hate your entire being.

“I have stretch marks and I wear a bikini. Deal with it.”

The point is, we’ve crossed a line when it comes to our judgement of women’s physical appearances and our push for perfection –  remember the way we treated poor Renee Zellwegger that time she dared to age and go outside?

In this photo series California-based photographer Terence Smalls literally draws that line on some regular women to highlight just how absurd our standards have become.

“We live in a society where women are constantly being stripped down and evaluated, without physically being stripped down,” he write on his website. “Well, what does it look like when we actually strip women down and evaluate their physical “shortcomings?”  How insane does it look? How uncomfortable does it make us feel? The purpose of this series was to find out…”

Check the “Line Series” below.

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