Teresa Palmer shares how she formed a "beautiful relationship" with husband's ex.

There are many challenges a step-mother must face and dealing with her partner’s ex is one of the biggest.

Warm Bodies actress Teresa Palmer has shared how she maintains a warm and supportive relationship with husband Mark Webber’s ex-partner Frankie Shaw.

Webber and Shaw had a child, Issac, before they split in 2008 and the pair share custody of the now 9-year-old between their newly formed families.

Teresa Palmer and husband Mark Webber. (Source: Getty Images.)

But Palmer told The Courier Mail the current arrangements for Issac were not always so effortless.

“We had to work at it but we now have this beautiful relationship where we literally co-parent,’’ she said. “We always say (Isaac) gets double the amount of love."

“It took us about a year but open, honest, authentic communication was everything and we got there!’’

Source: Getty Images.

Teresa Palmer. (Source: Getty Images.)[/img_caption]

The relationship has developed so strongly that Palmer was recently asked to be a bridesmaid at Shaw's upcoming wedding. Palmer said the relationship was strengthened by the commonalities shared between the two women.

“Because we all have a similar way of doing life we know that it’s in the best interests of all of our children, including Mark and my children, that there is this beautiful relationship between all of us," she said.

The Australian actress is currently pregnant and intends on giving birth in Adelaide once she hits the cut-off point for pregnant women to fly.

“I am flying back to Australia at exactly 36 weeks pregnant, which is the cut-off point,” she said.

Now these families are truly kicking some parenting goals.