Actress Teresa Palmer tells why she needed boundaries with friends.

In this Tez Talks, Teresa explores relationships and establishing boundaries.

Teresa says we don’t talk about boundaries enough but they are vital to leading a good life.

“With deep connections, whether it is with family and friends, there can be times when you are leaning on each other so much for support it can become uncomfortable or you can take each other for granted,” Teresa says. “We can stop talking to each other with love, kindness and respect.”

By having clear and open boundaries, Teresa says, and putting them in place – it means that our relationships with one another can be as healthy as possible which in turn, allows them to grow and thrive.

Teresa opens up about a personal experience saying, “I decided I couldn’t engage with this kind of communication any longer because it was starting to become detrimental to our relationship. It was like it hit me over the head…I was enabling that behaviour by not saying what my boundary was.”

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