You wouldn't ask Roger Federer this question. So why is it okay to ask this woman?

When 19-year-old Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard won her quarterfinal match against 14th seed Ana Ivanovic at the Australian Open this week, she became the first Canadian women to do advance to the semifinals of a Grand Slam in 30 years.

The win has reportedly guaranteed Bouchard a spot in the top 20 by the end of next week and puts her in realistic contention for the singles title. It’s quite an achievement for the former junior world champion, who was previously ranked number 30 in the tournament.

And yet when Bouchard walked over to court-side commentator Sam Smith for her post-match interview, she was met with a question about which celebrity she would date “if she could pick anyone in the world”. As you do, when a person has just achieved their greatest career milestone to date.

Here’s how it went down:

I’m not sure what other questions the athlete was asked before and after the Bieber question because the Australian Open did not upload that part of the interview to YouTube. But I do know this.

When Roger Federer walked off the court after his match against Andy Murray last night, no one asked him which celebrities are on his ‘free pass’ list. And when Rafael Nadal won his match yesterday, he wasn’t hit with a question about which woman he’d like to give him a post-match rub down.

Why then, is it okay to ask Bouchard about her celebrity crushes? Is it because she’s a young female? Is it because she’s attractive? Why not focus on how Bouchard felt when the umpire said ‘game, set and match’. Or how she’s feeling about going up against 4th seed Li Na in her next match.

Or you know, any question about TENNIS.

The Australian Open is a tournament that’s very much known for it’s equal treatment of women (it’s one of the few tournaments where female players are awarded the same amount of prize money as the men). Let’s not undo that good work with the kind of questions that should only be asked of a Grade 6 pen pal.

Was it inappropriate to ask Bouchard about men rather than her tennis game?