10 gross beauty habits you'd never publicly admit to, but secretly do.

Despite the flawless selfies we post on Instagram, deep down we all have some rather gross habits. Maybe you pick your toenails while watching TV, give up shaving your underarms in winter or wear the same underwear two days in a row because you just can’t be stuffed putting a load of washing on. They’re gross, probably unhygienic and you’d NEVER publicly admit to them, but hey, what happens in your bedroom stays in your bedroom right?

Usually. Until now.

To the horror of my friends office colleagues, I asked them to spill grossest beauty habits. Most started with “It’s absolutely gross/I’m probably the only one/I know it’s disgusting but…”. The reaction they got? “Me too!”

So to make you feel a little better about your own gross beauty habits, here are 10 which you’re probably doing right now… but would never admit to. (It’s ok, we won’t tell!) *Names have been changed to protect hygienic reputations.

 1. Not shaving

It's no secret that the one benefit of cold weather is not having to bother with shaving your legs because they're covered up all the time. Why would you want to waste your precious morning minutes removing hair when you could be, you know, sleeping? But what we're not so vocal about is that we're guilty of it every other season too.

"When I was in high school I used to just shave the gap between my high socks and my skirt in the interests of time-saving." - Amy

2. Chin hairs

The gross thing is WHY we're forced to get them in the first place. They serve no purpose. They look weird when they catch the light. And until we get home to tweezers, they FEEL so strange.

"I have to remove my chin hair with Veet. There are three long ones that always grow back. I am a witch!" - Sarah

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3. Being resourceful and reusing things beyond the point of hygiene

You want to get your moneys worth, right?

"I re-use eye makeup remover pads night after night sometimes which I'm sure is EXTREMELY unhygienic. But they run out too quickly!" - Fiona

"Sometimes I hold onto q-tips if I have only used one side." - Maria

"I re-use makeup wipes to make the packet last longer, by using one side then the other. Sometimes I get three goes out of one!'" - Amelia

4. Only washing certain parts of your body

Usually (always) we'd rather have more sleep than drag ourselves out of bed to shower.

"I just wash my fringe and my underarms when I can't be bothered actually showering... And my feet, I just wash my feet sometimes." - Keira

"Continuous dry shampoo can make a real shampoo last for eight days. TRUTH." - Sam

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5. Biting inside of your cheeks

Even knowing it can contribute to giving you wrinkles doesn't put people off.

"OK, so this is MEGA gross so I apologise in advance. But until recently I used to bite the inside of my cheeks #theshame." - Cathy

6. Keeping makeup for far too long

Did you know that makeup has an expiry date? Most of us seem to take it as a polite suggestion rather than "you're-putting-your-health-at-risk-by-continuing-to-use-this".

"To this day, I am still using a cheek/eyelid bronzing stick my mum bought me circa 2006. Maybe even 2005. It's still awesome." - Linda

"Some of my eyeshadows are at least six years old." - Trish

"I really like paintbrush-style liquid eyeliner applicators. When my last one ran out, I bought what I thought was the same one - but it was a felt-tip applicator. So what I now do is dip my old applicator in the new bottle of liquid. Probably setting myself up for conjunctivitis there..." - Gina

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7. Not replacing razorheads

Totally not our fault - why do new heads cost almost the same as buying an entire new razor!?

"I'll use a razor until it actually doesn't work at all. Then marvel at how good it is when I finally replace it. I never learn though." - Belinda

8. Keeping toothbrushes for longer than three months

What do you mean you don't just use it until the bristles feel bare?

"I don't replace my toothbrush every three months... I don't know how long I go. I don't ever really think about it. Until NOW." - Malia

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9. Sleeping with makeup on

The cardinal makeup sin... that we all do.

"I hardly ever wash my makeup off at night." - Mary

"My Saturday night routine usually involves falling straight into my bed without removing my makeup. If I'm lucky, it will actually look better in the morning and I'll wear it out. So bad." - Cindy

10. Popping pimples

Gross, but oh so satisfying.

"I actually kind of delight in getting a pimple with a head so I can pop it. I do my boyfriend's too!" - Denise

*Names have been changed to protect clean reputations

On that note, what are your gross beauty confessions? How many of these are you guilty of too?