A teeth straightening solution for adults without the metal mouth.

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Amanda Stephenson had been self-conscious about her “wonky” teeth ever since she was a teenager.

Finally, at 38, the Sydney mum of two, who is originally from the UK, decided to do something about it.

After seeing some impressive results from her friends who had used the Invisalign system, she made up her mind to give it a try.

And five months in, she has no regrets.

Ms Stephenson recently spoke to Mamamia about the treatment, which is used as the almost-invisible alternative to traditional braces. It can comfortably and gradually straighten teeth without anyone noticing.

Here’s what Miss Stephenson had to say about the process.

Q: Why did you decide to give Invisalign treatment a try?

A: “My bottom teeth were crossed over; my two canine teeth were a bit fang-like, and I was always a bit paranoid about them. I had a few friends that got it done so I thought I’d just do it. I had been thinking about getting it for a little while.”

Q: Why did you choose Invisalign aligners over regular braces?

A: “Back in the UK I didn’t have a good dentist and he didn’t bother giving me braces. I’ve had wonky teeth since I was a teenager and I’d always been meaning to do something about them, but I didn’t want to be an adult with metal “train tracks” on my teeth.”

“it’s pretty much invisible.”

Q: Has the Invisalign system complicated your day to day routine?

A: “Every six weeks I go back to the dentist to get my next set of aligners, and the appointment takes 10 minutes.”

Q: Ok be honest, does it hurt?

A: “For the first day it feels a little tight and a bit uncomfortable – but that’s only on the days when I change to new aligners and the pain and discomfort is by no means severe. The first aligners the dentist ever gave me did hurt a bit more, and I got a little ulcer from my gums rubbing on them but now my gums are tougher and it doesn’t happen. Twice I’ve had to have my teeth filed a little so my aligners fit a better to my teeth, which sounds horrendous, but doesn’t hurt at all.”


Q: How long does the process take?

A: “I’ve been in treatment for five months, and I have another seven to go. It’s only for a year, it’s really not the end of the world.”

Q: Was there an adjustment period?

A: “The trickiest part is taking the aligners out before I eat but I just use a tissue and try to be discreet. Remembering to brush my teeth, use mouthwash or rinse my mouth before putting aligners back in after eating is also a little tricky. Lastly, my speech was a bit lispy at first for a few days, but now it’s back to normal. I guess you could say that just like anything, it took a little getting used to. But it’s well worth it.

“Remembering to brush my teeth, use mouthwash or rinse my mouth before putting aligners back in after eating is also a little tricky.”

Q: Do people even notice you are wearing Invisalign aligners?

A: “Some people notice I’m wearing Invisalign aligners but that’s pretty uncommon. Most people don’t and the people who do are the people who know me really well and so they notice something is a bit different. But it’s pretty much invisible.”

Q: What do you think of the results so far?

A: “I have definitely noticed a change already. They are a lot straighter, and it didn’t take long to start straightening. I’m feeling confident it will look good in the end and excited about how my smile will look at the end.”

Q: What advice would you give to others who are thinking about straightening their teeth?

A: “If you’re paranoid about your teeth and want to try avoid having fixed braces, Invisalign treatment is definitely worth looking into and seeing if it’s right for you.”


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Invisalign treatment requires a prescription. Invisalign-trained doctors will advise if Invisalign treatment is suitable for you.