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Teenager who murdered his girlfriend’s parents when he was 13 to be released after serving just 5 years jail.

“The final straw, Detective Marshall, is when they took away my colouring books. I knew they had to die.'”

When Darlene Nevil’s 12-year-old daughter came to live with her she was thrilled.

After her divorce the girl had chosen to remain in another state with her father – but she began to complain he was controlling her so she asked her mother if she could move in with Darlene and Darlene’s new husband, Alan.

The 12-year-old was happy and adjusted easily to life in her new home in Texas in the US. She made friends and met a boy, a 13-year-old who attended her school and they soon formed a relationship.

As the relationship developed the 12-year-old girl wrote on her social media:

“i love him and i would give the world to him if he asked for it.”

“The day we met i knew i had to have him. he is the best boyfriend i’v ever had in my life.”

Her mother boasted about how happy they were writing ” I have a wonderful daughter that I just love to death, a stepdaughter, stepson and 3 great grandkids.”

Later, in court, after the 12-year-old girl masterminded her boyfriend to murder her parents her stepfather’s sister would address her.

“We decorated the house in Garland, bought a cake and welcomed you with open arms,” Fran Nevil Cawley, Alan’s sister said.

But that quickly went sour.


Jasmine Sepulveda, 14, lives across the street from the Nevils and said she had been close friends with the 12-year-old girl but things changed when she started to see the 13-year-old boy.

“She was a really cool person but when she hung out with him, her boyfriend, that’s when she got weird,” Jasmine told media at the time. “She didn’t want to talk to me anymore.”

"i love him and i would give the world to him if he asked for it." Via IStock.

What she did want was her boyfriend and together the two began to spend increasing time in each other’s company, her behaviour at times infuriating her mother and stepfather.

In July 2010 - a month before her mother and stepfather were shot down and beaten with the handle of a gun in their own home - the girl ran away.

When she returned, she began to plot.

She was going to kill her mother and stepfather.

“Her parents had grounded her to where she couldn’t see [the boy],” Garland police detective Bruce Marshall testified in court, according to the Morning News. “And she told me, ‘The final straw, Detective Marshall, is when they took away my colouring books. I knew they had to die.’ ”

She lied to the boy that Alan Nevil ( pictured) was abusing her. Via Facebook.

The Washington Post reports that the girl was smarter than the boy and easily manipulated him.

Over several weeks she made her case. He would shoot her mother and stepfather and they would be able to be together.

The 12-year-old knew how to get access to her stepfather’s gun – this is Texas after all – but at first the boy refused to co-operate.

It wasn’t until the girl’s parents told her she had to stop seeing the boy that he began to come around to the idea.

And then the clincher.

The 12-year-old told him she was pregnant and that her stepfather Alan Nevil had tried to sexually abuse her.

It wasn’t true. None of it was true but the 13-year-old boy finally agreed.

It was August 17 2010 when they put it to action.


The boy was waiting for Darlene when she came home from work he shot her twice, killing her, they then waited two hours for Alan to arrive.

He was shot five times but the gun jammed and so the boy took it by the barrel and beat Alan around the head.

Miraculously he survived.

The boy and the 12-year-old girl fled to the boy’s home around the corner and there the two stripped off and had sex.


The two were having sex when police arrived. Via IStock.

Alan Nevil was rushed to hospital, after not after being able to gargle the name of his killer to police.

As they arrested the 13-year-old boy and the 12-year-old girl they were still in the midst of their “celebratory sex.”

Alan Nevil survived for several more weeks before succumbing to his injuries and the teenagers admitted to the murders.

The boy being jailed for 28 years and the girl 20 years.

But this week, only five years into his sentence a judge ruled that the teen could be released from jail when he turns 19 next month and the girl’s parole hearing is also due next month.

The judge said he has gone through treatment and is now remorseful.

The boy was ordered to will remain on parole and to attend anger management sessions.

For the family of Alan Nevil it is unjust.

"He's just saying what he's got to say just to get out," said Susan Nevil, Alan Nevil’s adult daughter.

I thought he was going to serve more time.  We all thought he was going to serve more time," she said. "Why would you let someone out after you murder two people, only serving 5 years?"