Your daily dose of cute: Watch a baby sleep through the night

There's no sweeter sight than a baby sleeping peacefully. If it weren't for work, sleep, cooking, cleaning - you know, life in general - one could be content watching a baby sleep for hours (or minutes. It is a baby, after all).

A new book of time-lapse sleep photographs gives an intimate glimpse at how people behave during their slumber. Esteemed New York photographer and filmmaker Ted Spagna took photos of 70 snoozing people of all ages during his career, which have now been collated in a book titled 'Sleep'.

Spagna, who died in 1989 at just 45 years of age, explained his fascination with sleep portraiture to the New York Times. "I was surprised to see another self that existed in sleep that I didn’t know about," he said.

While all the photos are mesmerising, we're particularly taken by baby Alexis' adorable series of sleeping patterns (above), taken in 1981. S/he's really nailed the foetal position, don't you think?

The solo and couple adult shots are also fun to look at - and provide an explanation as to how you come to wake up in bizarre positions that bear no resemblance to the one you fell asleep in.