"The 6 tech items I’m eyeing off this Christmas for our family of 4."

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Phone a friend... there's less than three weeks until Christmas! 

And having spent so much time away from friends and family over the past year, I am making it my personal mission to make this Christmas extra special.

One of my favourite things to gift loved ones every year is a tech item. They end up being pretty exciting presents because we rarely buy them throughout the year as we constantly tell ourselves 'I'll grab it next month', and never really do.

However, naturally, because of our love for technology, there's so much out there that it can be hard to exactly know what your options are, let alone what to buy. 

As a working mum with two boys, I really want to make sure I am buying them good quality gifts that are educational, fun and practical. Then there is my wife who is in desperate need of a new phone. 

So, to make my life easier (and hopefully yours!), here's exactly what tech items I'm eyeing off this Christmas.

Phones and accessories

Image: Samsung/Optus.

As I mentioned earlier, my wife's current phone is... tragic. 

She's had it since 2016 and if you have small children, you can probably visualise the state her phone is now in. It's old, it's cracked, and it's covered in sticky toddler fingerprints.

I'm eyeing off the Samsung Galazy Z Flip3 5G. It's incredibly stylish in appearance and has the ability to open into a full screen smartphone. It also has a flex mode so you can easily make video calls hands free (and not have to worry about awkward selfie arm). 

I think it's a perfect option for her as she's a busy mum so a phone that easily folds into her pocket is a must. 


I'll be buying it with Optus as they are offering a 5G price match guarantee, meaning I will have peace of mind knowing that I'm getting the best price. We also can enjoy the flexibility of no lock-in contracts, no excess data charges and easy management through the My Optus app.

Image: Samsung.

To go with her new phone, I'm also considering grabbing her the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. Optus is offering all three in a special Christmas bundle which is perfect, because just like her phone, my wife's earphones are in desperate need of a glow up. 

Kids Technology

Image: Osmo. 


Arlo, my three-year-old, is growing up so quickly that I want to make sure I'm doing everything to make sure he is prepared for school.

That's why Osmo's Preschool Starter Kit has grabbed my attention. It includes an attachable addon for the iPad, a creative board and 9 educational game apps. 

Image: Harvey Norman. 

For Arlo and his younger brother, Archie, I'm eyeing off the JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker especially designed for kids. 

It'll be perfect for bath time to play plenty of Wiggles tunes. 

Image: Amazon. 


I have a fancy SLR camera which Archie is fascinated by so I'm considering getting the Seckton Upgrade Kids Selfie Camera

This is something Arlo will love as they can share the camera and have fun taking photos together.


Image: Amazon. 

Next year, we're wanting to make more of a conscious decision to read more. It helps us disconnect from the rest of the world and take some time for ourselves.

That's why I'm considering about getting the family a Kindle. Not only is a good alternative to the iPad (no straying hands jumping on Instagram), but there's so many books on offer at such great prices.

Christmas gifts have a come along way. Don’t get me wrong, I still love an odd pair of socks and undies but this year, I want to buy gifts that allow my family to live our best life, have fun and stay connected whilst making memories which will last for years to come.

This Christmas, celebrate your loved one by grabbing the Samsung Galazy Z Flip3 5G

Order it from your nearest Optus store or visit where you are guaranteed the best price with Optus' 5G Price Match Guarantee.

Feature Image: Instagram/@samsungau, supplied, Instagram/@Osmo.

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