Teacher comes up with flawless way to get kids to behave. Seriously - flawless.



They do say necessity is the mother of invention.

A French teacher was so fed up with trying to get his kids to concentrate in class that he came up with what is possibly the most flawless dicipline strategy EVER.

For every minute they wouldn’t behave, he would write an epic Game of Thrones spoiler on the board.

For those who don’t understand, the absolute emotional turmoil that is involved with being completely devoted to an epic television show and having someone SPOIL major moments before you’ve had a chance to see them is a devastating and traumatic experience.

The risk of this happening to Game of Thrones fans is scarily high, because the show is based on a series of books that are much further ahead than the television series.

The teacher in question had read all the Game of Thrones books, so like an evil-Joffrey-style genius, every time his class misbehaved, he would slowly walk over to the board and write down the name of a major character who dies.

He listed all the deaths in season 3 before the kids realised he meant business.

According to one of the traumatised students, this resulted in “a religious silence” for the rest of the term.

Damn straight.

Here are some other shows that would shut us the hell up if someone threatened to spoil them.




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