18 of the best gift ideas for teachers with no candles or mugs in sight.

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I appreciate my children’s teachers and all the incredible work they do throughout the year, almost as much as I hate organising what to buy them as a gift. Which is to say, a lot. 

When it comes to teacher’s gifts – you’ve got two options. And neither are good. 

Option one is to go it alone. This is great for people who are either loaded and/or organised, neither of which I am. Hence, I always end up awkwardly handing over some generic mug or chocolates which doesn’t even come close to connoting my high opinion of them.  

So that leaves me with the second option. 

*Insert trigger warning*

The group present. 

Apparently 97 per cent of teachers surveyed by GroupTogether said they prefer this option. 100 per cent of mums I talked to shuddered when I asked them how they felt about organising group presents. 

They talked about how the ‘End of Year Gift’ group chat becomes a part-time job. How Harry’s mum said she would send the money with Harry to school but, according to your son, Harry has been living large at the tuckshop all week or some mum named Indi keeps flooding the group chat with pictures of her homemade Live Laugh Love signs (for 80 bucks) and Karen wants to know how, exactly, you plan on getting everyone to sign the card as one year she contributed a sizable amount yet did not get to sign the card. 

If any of this sounds familiar, allow me to introduce you to a straight up game-changer for people who love the idea of a group gift, but have been burned by the reality. 


GroupTogether is a free and easy way to organise (thoughtful, personal and quality) group presents. It takes around 30 seconds to set up the group, a couple of minutes to send the link and precisely zero minutes of follow up chasing on your part. 

Oh, and then there’s the card feature. Every teacher (myself included) will tell you that it’s the letters and cards from students and parents that mean the most. I literally have a box full called ‘open when you want to quit.’ And I'm reminded again what an incredible job it really is.

On GroupTogether, you can upload a photo and write a personal message. If words aren’t your thing, there’s a super handy AI function. 

Okay, so now let’s chat gifts. GroupTogether have literally hundreds of retailers you can buy gifts and gift cards through: I'm talking David Jones, Red Balloon, Airbnb, The Iconic, Dymocks, Endota Spa, Dan Murphy's, Weber... 

Now's time to crack open those chocolates you were about to stuff into a ‘world’s best teacher’ mug and instead, get pooling those funds from the other class parents, with this handy teacher gift guide for inspo. 

Gifts under $50

Free Group eCard & GroupTogether AnyCard, Customisable

Image: GroupTogether.


Of course, to kick us off: A free card on GroupTogether, signed by the whole class ready to either print or send digitally to your teacher. A card filled with all your thanks, in-jokes and funniest 2023 anecdotes together makes for the most thoughtful and wholesome keepsake. Perfect for all the teachers in your kids' life who nailed the assignment this year with their dedication to their students!

If you've pooled funds with the class parents, you can add the ultimate gift of choice with the GroupTogether AnyCard. The AnyCard lets the teacher receiving it swap it for any multiple eGift Cards from over 70+ retailers. They'll receive a beautiful online gift box that unwraps to reveal their AnyCard too.


Kathmandu Jason Woodside Pocket Pack, $49.98

Image: Kathmandu.

Practical, funky and unique. Created by NZ artist, Jason Woodside, this 15 Litre pocket pack is perfect for the teacher has holiday travel plans. 

Gifts under $100

We Wander Table for Two, $80

Image: We Wander.


These boxes by We Wander include range of different experiences to choose from. The Table for Two box offers unique foodie experiences across Australia – from the classic Aussie barbies to fine dining.  

Country Road Australian Logo Beach Towel, $89.95

Image: Country Road.


Love the classic navy of this towel, but also comes in loads of other colours like Sand and Charcoal. Option to personalise for $10 extra, too. Perfect for the classy teacher who has a classic style. 

Daily Blooms You Beauty National Bouquet, $65

Image: Daily Blooms.


A teacher who loves their gardening, brings in fresh flowers for their classroom, or you might just spot wearing their florals throughout the school year, has their name written all over this bunch. Daily Blooms can deliver this bouquet nationally across NSW, SA, QLD and VIC, and it features some beautiful variation (depending on the seasons) of banksia, lisianthus, carnation and cypress florals.

Beysis Personalised Water Bottle 1L, $58.90

Image: Beysis.


Ask your kid if their teacher goes anywhere without their drink bottle. Teachers (like us) who adore their emotional support water bottle will never be opposed to expanding their collection, especially when it has their name or class name/year on it (CUTE). 

Gifts under $150

Edible Blooms Beer Tasting Hamper, $109

Image: Edible Blooms.


For the teacher who has hipster vibes and is adored by all students because they’re ‘chill’ and ‘cool’? Packed with smoked almonds, classy crackers, craft beers and even a picnic rug. 

Red Balloon Cocktail Making Masterclass with Antipasto Plate, $105 

Image: Red Balloon.


Of course, this can be tailored to your teacher's state, but it's a gift guaranteed to turn them into a ‘domestic mixologist’. Perfect for the teacher who loves learning niche skills, being creative and trying something new. 

Endota Spa The Freedom Gift Card, Customisable

Image: Endota Spa.

Perfect for the teacher who's probably exhausted. Yep, that’s all of them. If you're able to round up the whole class to chip in with GroupTogether, an Endota Spa Gift Card can give your teacher the option to choose from hundreds of treatments – two of their most popular being the Organic Fusion Facial and the Relaxation Massage. 


Little Kisses You're The Best Hamper, $120

Image: GroupTogether.

A thoughtful bundle to spoil a special teacher with. It's got plenty of summer essentials inside the hamper, like "You're The Best” boxed socks, lip balm, the perfect purse-sized comb in pearly pink, candle, hand cream, and a colourful Happywrap which can be used from the beach to the bath.


JB Hi-Fi Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Unicorn, $149

Image: JB Hi-Fi.

This is a staple in every teacher’s tool kit, and in my experience, you can never have enough. And can we just take a moment to appreciate this super pretty one? 

Life Of Colour Gouache and Watercolour Art Box, $119

Image: Life Of Colour.


This Life of Colour beauty is perfect for the teacher who is arty and creative. Also great for teachers who are spending the next several weeks with their own kids and would appreciate a chilled activity to fill the long summer arvos.  

Gifts under $200

The Good Plant Co Giant Bird of Paradise and Pot, $199

Image: The Good Plant Co.


Requires light watering when it gets little too heated and comes in a simply lovely Pierre Terrazzo Pot in Grey. Plant gifts also lend themselves brilliantly to ‘growth’ symbolism and puns. Take it or leaf it. 

An Uber Eats voucher & EB Games eGift Card combo, Customisable

Image: Uber Eats, EB Games.


The ultimate combo punch for the teacher who is looking forward to spending some quality time in a peaceful dark room, gaming. To make it a bit more personal, throw in an Uber Eats voucher so they can really live it up with their takeaway of choice. 

Gifts over $200

Airbnb voucher, Customisable

Image: Airbnb.


Scrolling through Airbnb and dreaming about where I could go on the holidays is a form of self-care I call on regularly throughout the term. 

Red Balloon Hot Laps, $249

Image: Red Balloon.


There are SO many options in different states, which is an incredibly exciting gift for the teacher who adores fast cars and was the kind of kid who wanted to be a race car driver. I reckon you can pick 'em, easy.

YETI Roadie 24 Hard Cooler, $299.95

Image: BCF.

Perfect for the teacher who loves camping, cold drinks and quality gear. 


Myer Waterford Lismore Essence Goblet Pair, $299 

Image: Myer.

For the teacher who loves lush hotels, fancy bubbles and quality glassware. These will still be treasured when your kids graduate high school. 

Let everyone chip in and sign the card online with GroupTogether.

Feature Image: GroupTogether/Beysis/BCF/Kathmandu/Uber Eats/The Good Plant Co/JB Hi-Fi.

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