VIDEO: Mamamia has a cuppa and a chat with Clare Bowditch.

Welcome to a new video series on Mamamia.

It’s called Tea with Mamamia and it involves us, a few too many cups of Dilmah tea…and some seriously awesome Aussie celebrities.

Over the next few weeks, our Editor, Jamila is going to sit down with women like Stella Young, Yumi Stynes and Poh Ling Yeow and talk about anything and everything from feminism to fairy tales to fruit loops.

We’re kicking off our video series today by drinking tea with our favourite Australian musicians and actresses, Clare Bowditch.

Here’s the video. Make yourself a cup of tea, then sit back and enjoy the chat.

So many hugs to the fine people at Dilmah who helped us make this interview series come to life (and for supplying the great tea!)

We’re already huge fans of Clare in the Mamamia office, but in case you don’t her, here’s what you need to know:

– Clare is a musician, a writer, a coach and sometimes even an actor – you may recognise her as ‘Rosanna’ from Channel 10’s series Offspring.

– She’s married and has three kids.

– She has just released her fifth studio album – “The Winter I Chose Happiness”.

– She has been Rolling Stone’s Woman of the Year, ARIA’s Best Female Artist, Yen Young Woman of the Year (music), and recently won the popular-vote EG Female Artist of the Year award.

– Being the overachiever that she is, she has supported hundreds of charities over the years and is currently developing a mentoring program.

You can visit Clare’s website here, download her music here, check her out of Facebook here and follow her on Twitter here.

(And we recommend you do all of those things – and soon.)