Taylor Swift's haters are celebrating her downfall in the most cruel way.

Spoiler alert: the Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris drama isn’t over yet.

In fact, it’s getting worse.

Now, a cruel hashtag has started trending on Twitter, with the 26-year-old’s haters celebrating the fact that Calvin took her to task over her current relationship and her feud with Katy Perry.

And it’s not pretty.

#TaylorSwiftIsOverParty is trending all over the world, with people sharing memes and gifs of themselves ‘showing’ up to an imaginary celebration of Taylor’s supposed downfall.

(Personally, we feel like Taylor is the winner in this whole situation, because publicly slamming your ex is super mature, but whatever).

Fans are imagining all of the famous faces that would grace the party with their presence: think Kim Kardashian, Harry Style and yep, Katy Perry.


Others are saying they’ve been waiting for others to show up to the party for A LONG TIME:


Well, Twitter, you can count us out for this celebration. We’d much prefer to spend the night in with our girl squad watching Netflix and eating pizza, thank you very much.

Or, we could totally fill in for these backup dancers if Taylor prefers to respond like this: