Celebs are sharing US election selfies, but there's something suspicious about Taylor Swift.

Say what you will about the importance of celebrity at a time like the US election, but there’s no denying that their influence can affect millions of people.

Whether they’ve been outspoken about who they are voting for – Beyonce, Lena Dunham and Miley Cyrus are all firmly on #TeamHRC – or have remained more tight-lipped, famous faces are flocking to the polls and sharing selfies to encourage their fans to get out and vote.

But despite reminding her 92.9 million followers to “get out and VOTE”, there’s something suspicious about Taylor Swift’s voting selfie: she hasn’t specified whose side she is on.

Today is the day. Go out and VOTE ????????

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Of course, the Internet just CANNOT DEAL with not knowing whether Swift wrote ‘Trump’ or ‘Clinton’ in the Blank Space of her ballot, so luckily, the conspiracy theorists have come out to play.

Surely, SURELY, Taylor Swift – a proud feminist – is with Hillary Clinton? Until you consider the fact that one of Taylor’s best friends, model Karlie Kloss, has been dating the brother of Ivanka Trump’s husband for FOUR YEARS.


Thankfully, a representative for Joshua Kushner (Kloss’ boyfriend) told Esquire he will not be voting for Trump and is a proud Democrat. Phew.

Other fans seem to think that Taylor’s feud with the famously pro-Hillary Katy Perry will get in the way of her voting Democratic.


Coming back down to Earth (hello, welcome back friends), we should also point out that Taylor Swift has never used her public position to share her political views.


“I just feel like I don’t have enough wisdom about myself as a person yet to go out there and say to 20 million followers on Twitter, and these people on Facebook, and whoever else is reading whatever interview I do, ‘Vote for this person,'” she said during a radio interview in 2012.

So Swift not throwing her support behind either party? It’s not that out of character.

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Despite staying mum in the past, many fans think Taylor should use her voice and influence to steer American towards a better future.


Many other celebrities are also encouraging their fans to get out and vote, with many many no secret of their support for Hillary Clinton: