Taylor Swift's eerie first post since her social media 'purge' has the world confused.

In 2017, if you’re a) a big-name celebrity and b) trying to draw attention to yourself, a simple tweet will no longer suffice.

You have to do something bigger. Something bolder.

And yes, sometimes even something a little bizarre.

This weekend, Taylor Swift – who on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has a combined following of almost 260 million – put a blank space where all of her posts should have been.

Yep, every post, every photo, every status update and tweet and profile picture was wiped clean.


Naturally, Taylor's loyal fans couldn't just shake it off when it came to their beloved singer's mysterious disappearance.

It had to mean something... didn't it?

Some speculated that the 27-year-old was taking a well-deserved break after she won a highly publicised sexual assault case last week.

Some thought every single account of hers had been hacked.

But it seems Taylor was just gearing up for something big. Something huge. Like the possible release of a brand new album.

The rumours seemed all but confirmed when the singer shared an eerie 10-second clip across all her social media channels in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.


The clip was presented without a caption, and appears to show a snake tail moving against a black background.

Rumours are rife that Taylor will release a new song - or perhaps an entire album, Beyoncé-style - at 2pm US time, in line with the total solar eclipse crossing the country.




The choice of animal used in the clip is also a powerful symbol for the singer, who was branded a 'snake' last year after Kim Kardashian went public with recordings of Taylor and Kanye West discussing his controversial song Famous.

(Click here for a recap of what went down between the trio.)


Some think Taylor is embracing being called a snake, and is using it to her advantage:

Whatever is about to go down, we have to give Taylor a round of applause for taking a major astronomical event and using it to her advantage.