This Taylor Swift parody video will make every mum laugh (or cry).

Those genius mums have done it again.

Taylor Swift’s Blank Space film clip is fairly epic. It features Taylor as a rich, psychotic girlfriend, a hot guy and lots and lots of fancy clothes and cars.

Taylor Swift parody
Tay-Tay goes cray-cray. Image via YouTube.

But a much lower-budget parody video just outdid it.

Three mums who run popular YouTube channel ‘What’s Up Moms?’ hilariously took on the sleeplessness, repetitiveness and caffeine-reliance of life as a stay-at-home mum.

Taylor Swift parody
Mums without coffee go cray-cray too. Image via YouTube.

The three friends say their intention in creating relatable parody videos is just to reach new mums who are in need of a laugh.

Taylor Swift parody
“Gotta have that Starbucks latte, or else I’ll go insane. You got a blank space, baby. Please write my name.” Image via YouTube.

And I think every mother can relate to this “nightmare dressed up as an Ice Queen”.

Taylor Swift parody
Image via YouTube.

Keep up the great work, ladies.

Watch the full video here:

Video via WhatsUpMoms