Taylor Swift made this little Australian girl's wish come true.

Jorja is losing her hearing, but last night one of her wishes came true.

When 12-year-old Jorja Hope discovered that she would soon lose her hearing permanently, she decided her dream was to see her idol Taylor Swift perform her favourite songs live.

With Swift touring Australia this year and her next visit to Australia anyone’s guess, it appeared that the sold out 1989 Sydney show might be Jorja’s only chance to make that dream come true.

Jorja’s twin, Chloe, was devastated at the thought that her sister might miss her chance. So she set up a Facebook page in the hopes of getting Jorja a ticket to the concert. But, with the help of radio station Nova 96.9, she was able to go one better.

Not only did Jorja see Taylor live last night – and bring her sister along as a bonus – but she also got a backstage meet-and-greet with her favourite musician.

Jorja at Taylor Swift’s concern last night. Image via Facebook


Jorja and Chloe were given new outfits, had their hair and makeup professionally done and were driven to the show in a limousine to complete the one-in-a-lifetime experience.

Speaking to the TODAY show, Jorja’s mum described the outcome as “a fairytale”.

“Things like this happen to other people, not to people like us,” Melissa Hope said.

Jorja also reported that her meeting with Swift was just as magical as she imagined it.

“She’s very, very amazing,” she told the TODAY show.

“And very pretty. Taylor Swift, she’s my idol. She’s a good role model.”

In fact, only thing that took Jorja by surprise about Swift was her height, telling the TODAY show, “I didn’t expect her to be as tall as she was! She was very, very tall!”

Although doctors can’t confirm when Jorja will lose her hearing entirely, she’s been busy planning for the future, learning Auslan and joining a choir for the hearing impaired.