Taylor Swift may have left the country, but her look-a-like hasn't.

Take a look at this image.

Your first question is probably, ‘Why is Taylor Swift wearing a t-shirt with Taylor Swift’s face on it?’

Look a bit closer.

That’s not Taylor Swift.

It’s actually a girl named Olivia Sturgess. She’s an Aussie who regularly gets mistaken for Swift on the street .

When The Real Taylor Swift brought her 1989 World Tour to Australia earlier this month, they pair got to meet.

Between the arched eyebrow, the sequins, the red lips and the hair (and the legs-for-days), it’s not hard to see why everyone’s getting these two confused.

So cheer up, Swifties of Australia. Our fearless leader may have left our shores in spirit, but she’s still here in body.

… sort of.