Taylor Swift posts first Instagram in two months. Fans promptly lose their minds.

An eerie radio silence has fallen over Taylor Swift’s social media feeds these past few months, and it’s got her fans a little spooked.

The pop star has been missing from Instagram since March, she failed to front up at the Met Gala on Monday night and, with the exception of a few stray birthday tributes for friends, the usually snap-happy 27-year-old, has been uncharacteristically camera shy.

Where in the world is Taylor Swift? Is she OK? Are her cats OK? Nobody seems to know.

THANKFULLY, the pop star’s finally given us an inkling she may just be in the midst of a mild technology detox and not, as some had rightly feared, now living without her thumbs after some gruesome encounter with her guitar strings.

Or maybe she's just f*cking with us? Source: Instagram

The point is she is OK, despite not posting a single candid photo of herself since last Thanksgiving.

Unbelievable, I know.

Anyway here's the tiny chippie crumb she's tossed the starving seagulls of her social media following.

On. Repeat. Til. The. End. Of. Time‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️❗️ @haimtheband

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Truly, cryptic.

"Good to know you're alive!" said one fan, apparently unaware the account may now be in the hands of a sinister bot of some kind.

"I have waited so long for your post," said another who's clearly been wasting away, refreshing their feed until their thumbprint became a smooth oval.

"How are your cats?!!" one asked in desperation.

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It appears Swift has been listening to Haim's hit single 'Want You Back', implying she's either in a breakup hole, teasing the fans who so clearly WANT HER BACK or getting some inspiration for an upcoming album?

Given her impressive dating history, her sharp wit and her penchant for releasing chart-busting pop anthems, we're gonna say the answer to this modern day mystery is likely all of the above.