Taylor Swift fights with her mum. Just like the rest of us.

“Put some damn clothes on.”

In a 15-second video uploaded to Instagram, 25-year-old singer/friend-acquirer/cupcake baker Taylor Swift has proved she is just like everyone else. Like us mere mortals it turns out Tay-Tay argues with her parents.

Whether it’s about who stole the hairbrush, getting an iPhone or going to some really cool party that was definitely very dangerous now that we think about it, ridiculous fights with your elders are a standard part of life.

Even for Taylor Swift.

taylor swift instagram video
Taylor Swift and her mum, looking super awkward. Image via Getty.

In the video, posted from the stadium that is home to the latest instalment of her 1989 World Tour, Taylor is trying to film herself looking scared as a fire alarm goes off in the building. This is awkward for a number of reasons. First, because Taylor has to evacuate along with 50,000 screaming fans who are waiting to see her. Second, because Swift isn’t really wearing any clothes. Which is when Taylor’s mum, Andrea, chimes in with some motherly advice.


“I would put some clothes on, darling…” she starts, gently.

But Taylor’s not listening. She’s busy filming a video for Instagram. Taylor doesn’t want to put some clothes on.

“I’m not joking. Put some clothes on.”

Still no response.


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This is about all that Taylor can take. Her Instagram video is ruined. Her perfect facade has been ripped to shreds.

“I have clothes on, I have a robe on. This is clothes, I’m covered,” Taylor bites back with.

You can watch the video below. Post continues after video.

And there you have it. Family feuding at its finest – arguing about what to wear as you evacuate a stadium where you’re about to perform a sold out concert. Stars… they’re just like us.

What’s the most ridiculous fight you’ve ever had with a parent? 

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