WATCH: Taylor Swift sent presents to her fans. And they can't...even...


Taylor Swift has had an absolutely stellar year.

After debuting an album that officially sold more copies than the Frozen soundtrack, she spent months sitting in her large New York City loft contemplating how to connect with her fans.

Taylor Swift has apparently been tay-lurking on her fan’s FB pages (Image via Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images.)

She invited them to her home. She wrote loving messages on their Instagram pages. She turned up unexpectedly to their houses.

But nothing will quite beat what Taylor did as an early Christmas present to a few lucky people.

After more-or-less stalking them on their social media pages for months, she thought up unique gifts they might like, wrapped them up and delivered them to their homes all over the world.

Taylor wrapping gifts for Swiftmas.

Fans in Canada, Australia and America were confused when they saw a giant box on their doorstep a few days before Christmas (ahem, Swiftmas)

When they opened them, they found dozens of little gifts that were each personal to them and their interests.

None of this scented candle bullshit, no. She took the time to get to know them and pick out gifts she thought they might like.

Their reactions were, as you’d expect, priceless. From one solitary tear to full-blown sobbing, they were all filmed and sent to Taylor as a thank you note.

Taylor’s compiled the whole experience into a touching end-of-year video for her fans.

It’s not hard to see why she was crowned 2014’s most charitable celebrity.

Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Beyonce, take note…