Taylor Swift's new video is Everything. And horses.



Taylor Swift‘s video clip for new song Blank Space is ridiculously amazing.

You know how everyone always say-say that Tay-Tay is cray-cray? (That’s ‘Taylor is crazy’ if you don’t talk the talk). She just got the upper hand. This video clip blows her crazy-ex-girlfriend reputation out of the water… by showing her as a crazy ex-girlfriend.

Basic plot: She’s in a rich mansion. She gets a rich boyfriend. She obsesses about her rich boyfriend. Rich boyfriend starts texting some other chick. Taylor has crazy rage blackout.

It’s very, very funny. And very, very good.

Standard Taylor, there’s a bit of the classic ‘looking down at the ground so you can see my lashes and then looking at the camera so you can see my sparkly eyes’:

But it gets WAY BETTER.

For one thing, there’s a lot of surprises if you look closely (or not closely). Especially horses.

If you have a mansion, horses might watch you sleep in your four-poster bed.

If you have a mansion, it’s okay to ride bikes inside the dining room.

It is possible to do voodoo with an apple.

Bashing an expensive car with a golf club looks fun.

Sometimes cakes are filled with blood when you stab them repeatedly.

Do not engrave names on trees. May have to chop down tree.

Taylor Swift can spin an apple on her finger. Because Taylor Swift.

Also, this guy is alarming beautiful:


Taylor’s actually really good at advice, and really beautiful to her fans:


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