Taylor Swift does not look like Taylor Swift on this magazine cover.

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Taylor Swift has a signature look. You know it, I know it. Red lips, winged eyes, Greta Garbo brows (pencil-thin and arched, that is) and more often than not, blonde cropped finger-waves that always look immaculate, not a hair out of place.

Just like the image above.

So, no one was more shocked than us when we saw Tay-Swift’s Wonderland magazine cover. Very little makeup, a too-cool-for-school expression and wet, swept back BROWN hair.

The change-my-look-haircut for girls who are growing their hair

Her skin is also noticeably more bronzed, the only traces of makeup a spray tan, matte-toned contour, a soft sweep of bronze eyeshadow framing the eyes, and a straight, filled in brow. And freckles - real or fake, we're not sure.

Yep, fake freckles are a thing. See?

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Just yesterday we were introduced to the best film clip in history, "Blank Space", where she countered her critics by embracing all the "crazy ex vibes" in the world.

T-Swift. Winning life since 1989.

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