CULT BUY: The earrings you're seeing everywhere this season.

I’ve always LOVED big, statement earrings.

Last week I bought a pair of tassel earrings from Sportsgirl and accidentally stumbled upon my new favourite accessories trend.

All of a sudden I was very fashun and I had to recommend tassel earrings to everyone I saw: “Guys – they’re great. They’re just like the tassels on your mum’s old curtains, but they’re for your ears.”

My new tassel earrings had everything I wanted – they’re big, but light, they’re this really nice burgundy colour, and they made my simple outfits pop.

"A pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt look amazing when you pop on a big ole' pair of earrings." Image supplied.

Soon, I was seeing tassel earrings everywhere and I realised my little earrings were part of something much bigger: FASHUN. CULTURE. STYLE.

And just like in that scene from The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestly explains to Andy Sachs how her cheap blue sweater originated, I realised my little Sportsgirl earrings got their start on the runways of Chanel and Gucci.

Now they're on my ears for the tidy little sum of $16.95.

Statement earrings are great for days when you want to look like you've put a lot of effort in, but are too lazy to do so.

A pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt look amazing when you pop on a big ole' pair of earrings.

To help you get on board the tassel bus (toot toot), I've rounded up some of the best from Australian retailers.

Sportsgirl - available online and in store.

tassel earrings
Sportsgirl earrings $16.95 (left) and $24.95 (right). Image via Sportsgirl.

Lovisa - available online and in store.

tassel earrings
Lovisa earrings $29.99 (left) and $19.99 (right). Image via Lovisa.

Another extremely helpful fashion study. Post continues...

Samantha Wills - available online.

Samantha Wills tassels $99 (left) and $229 (right).

Bell Frankie + Co - available online.

tassel earrings
These Bell Frankie + Co earrings are on sale for $25 (left) and $20 (right). Image via Bell Frankie + Co.

Love Buds by Amy - available online.

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