Rove McManus shows exactly what goes on behind those gorgeous holiday photos.

There are a lot of things I like about Instagram.

I like being nosey, I like to scroll, I like being on my phone.

But mostly, I love looking at a photo and wondering exactly how that photo came to be.

What stranger did you tap on the shoulder to help you out? How many pillows were you standing on? How many other photos had to be taken before you arrived at the perfect shot?

I ask those questions knowing full well how many details and how many stars must align before I upload a photo myself.

Rove McManus, too, asks the questions and understands the effort that goes into every photo. Holidaying with wife Tasma in Fiji, the actress decided it was the perfect opportunity to open an Instagram account. So she did, and uploaded her very first photo. It was this:

Island Time

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And then, well, her husband came along, and gave a little behind-the-scenes insight into exactly how that photo came about.

“Amazing effort by @tasma_walton going above and beyond for her first insta post #behindthescenes,” he wrote, alongside a photo of his wife standing on a small chair, arms outstretched as a means of capturing the perfect shot.

It serves as the ultimate reminder that behind every Instagram is a wannabe photographer just trying their best.

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