The Voice's extremely embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to liven up a live TV show, it’s an awkward nip slip.

And tonight’s live The Voice finale did not disappoint.

After a stunning performance, Tash Lockhart suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction onstage.

Watch the awkward moment here:

And now, all of Australia is talking about it.

“I think I’ve just seen boob and nipple slippage…” commented one fan.

“Maybe cover that BOOB?” said another. “Major wardrobe malfunction… couldn’t she feel the breeze?!”


And of course, the jokers came out of the woodwork, with one fan joking: “If Tash doesn’t win, she should at least get the booby prize.”

But most The Voice viewers only had sympathy for fan favourite Tash.

“Oh dear, that poor girl,” wrote a Tash supporter. “After such a lovely performance I hope that’s not what she’s remembered for!”

Sadly Tash didn’t make it through to the final two, finishing up her time on the show as second runner up.

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