Tash's awesome response to the Voice nip slip that had Australia talking.

It’s the moment that had all of Australia talking: The Voice finalist Tash Lockhart had a wardrobe malfunction on live television.

Viewers didn’t miss a beat when the awkward moment occurred – right after her showstopping performance of the Crowded House classic Don’t Dream it’s Over – bombarding social media to share their shock and then their condolences.

“Oh dear, that poor girl,” wrote a Tash supporter. “After such a lovely performance I hope that’s not what she’s remembered for!”

As it turns out, Tash had the most awesome response to what was one of the best live TV moment of the year so far, telling Mamamia she “cracked up laughing” when she found out it had happened.

“I didn’t find out until after the winner was announced, about 30 minutes after the show had finished,” she said.

“When [the crew] told me, I just started laughing. I thought it was the funniest way to go from the competition. It’s not ideal but everyone has nipples so I’m not embarrassed.”

On the latest episode of The Binge, Jess and Laura spoke about Tash’s slip up

While the nip slip happened early on in the show, Tash says the behind-the-scenes crew deliberately kept the fact that she had flashed the nation under wraps, going to extreme lengths to ensure she wasn’t distracted by the news.
“They actually hid my phone so I couldn’t check social media or find out about it in any way! So I thought I’d lost it, and was making them all search around for my phone all night,” she said.

“They were all very protective of me.”

Tash and her wardrobe slip were trending Australia-wide on Twitter, with the singer — who placed second runner-up on the show’s finale — admitting she’s gained thousands of new followers overnight.

“They don’t like my voice, but they like my nipple!” she laughed.

“I just feel bad for Alfie [who won the competition] — here you have this guy with a beautiful voice who won the show, and all people can talk about is me showing a bit of skin!

“Accidents happen, I can’t take it back or change it,” she said.

“Now I’m like the Miley Cyrus or Janet Jackson of Australia… this is what I’ll be known for!” she laughed.