'Embrace' creator Taryn Brumfitt posed with Lorna Jane. Her followers are furious.

Documentary maker and Body Image Movement founder Taryn Brumfitt has come under fire after sharing a photo of herself in the company of a controversial group last week.

Posting an image of herself, Lorna Jane creator Lorna Jane Clarkson and Business Chicks CEO Emma Isaacs to Facebook on Friday, Brumfitt wrote, “I love dynamic, strong and Unstoppable [sic] women so it should come as no suprise [sic] that I love and adore these two.”

Isaacs, Brumfitt and Clarkson. Source: Facebook

Taken in Los Angeles following a screening of Brumfitt's recently released documentary, Embraceit didn't take long for followers of the page to point out Clarkson's recent comments about plus size women were seemingly at odds with Brumfitt's body positive ideals.

Clarkson faced a storm of criticism last month after saying her iconic fitness brand has no plans to sell workout clothing above a size 16.

“We make the sizes that sell in our stores,” Clarkson told at the time.

Lorna Jane Clarkson on 60 Minutes. Post continues... 

Video by 60 Minutes

“Right now we have XS — XL and that’s because that’s what our customers want. If we were going to try a larger size we would sell them in a store that demanded larger sizes, but that hasn’t resulted in sales for us.”

Describing the Los Angeles screening as "a victory for the Body Image Movement," Brumfitt explained in a separate post, "My goal was to connect with Lorna and open up a conversation about Embrace, how women are feeling and what I think needs to be done to overcome this epidemic of body shaming and body loathing."

Embrace creator, Taryn Brumfitt. Source: Facebook

The Adelaide mum-of-three continuned, "I would be an ineffective leader if I just comfortably positioned myself and my views in the safety of my community. We could spend the next 50 years talking amongst ourselves about positive body image and our dissatisfaction for the lack of diversity in retail shops, advertising and the media. And do you what the result would be – nothing!"

And according to Brumfitt, the screening had its desired effect, with Clarkson telling Brumfitt that the film, "really makes you think about things".

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