You can finally buy lipstick that won't rub off on your coffee cup.

The most annoying thing about a bright lipstick is the trail you end up leaving through the day: on your coffee mug, your drink bottle, your tissues…

Enter: lip paint.

Specifically, the Tarteiest Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint, the newest thing to hit Tarte’s matte lipstick collection.

It's simply packaged in a small tube, a gold mine of a product you could easily miss on your Sephora mission.

Lip paint works just like lipgloss—but it's thicker, and longer-lasting, and unlike other matte lipsticks, this one won't dry out your lips.

And the matte finish makes the whole thing much less likely to stick to other surfaces (the aforementioned coffee mug).

The best part? It comes in 10 shades for only $29.

It's definitely worth it. And if you need further convincing, check out the reviews:

And it's easy to see why. This bad boy keeps your lip color flawless throughout the day, and your mugs stain-free.

Take our money.

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