Target Australia has been forced to pull an "offensive" Batgirl t-shirt from shelves.

Target has been forced to pull a Batgirl-themed t-shirt from its shelves, following a social media backlash over what has been perceived by many as a sexist message it has printed on the front.

The little pink cotton top reads: “Batgirl to do list: Dry clean cape, wash Batmobile, fight crime, save the world.”

The discount department store announced it would be removing the product from sale yesterday, after a Victorian woman posted to Target Australia’s Facebook page, slamming the “offensive” slogans.

“What message are you intending on sending to young girls?” asked Ninac Ollins.

“I’m insulted that you present a future where our daughters need to complete their ‘home duties’ before they can go out and save the world. We know that working mothers still do more housework than their spouses, we don’t need you to perpetuate this inequity.”

Since being penned on Tuesday night, the woman's post has attracted more than 700 reactions and over 250 comments, dividing Facebook users.

"Thanks Ninac Ollins, brilliantly put," wrote one commenter. "Although I suspect Target is now wondering how you found the time to do all this critical thinking when you've got so much housework to do!"

"Holy boring sexist stereotypes Batman," quipped another.

Not everyone shared Ollins' outrage, however.

"When is all this PC going to end? And common sense return," wrote one fed-up woman. "For goodness sake, it's a blooming TShirt if you don't like it don't buy it and don't put it on your child.

"Wow calm down people, its not meant to be taken the way you all are. It's not meant to be offensive. You are just looking for things to be offended about. Jesus," wrote another.

Then, 19 hours after the original post, Target Australia chimed in:

"Hello everyone, thanks for sharing your feedback with us. It absolutely wasn't our intention to cause any offence with this shirt, so we really appreciate you all getting in touch with us to let us know your thoughts. We’ve taken this feedback on board, and sincerely apologise for any disappointment caused."