The $49 Target quilt cover that's the perfect staple for your bedroom.

On Thursday, Target launched their new ‘field of dreams’ homewares collection – with affordable products that promise to transform every room of your home.

While we want all of itnow, pls, a highlight is undoubtedly their white, textured quilt cover set that costs just $49.

The Phoebe quilt cover set is a simple, clean patterned quilt (or doona) that can be dressed up or down, and can act as the perfect staple to cushions, plants, art or other furniture that might add a pop of colour to your room.

White is also a heat-repelling colour. Image: Target.

Maybe just... don't sit in bed eating chocolate.

Or drinking red wine.

Finding it still too hot to sleep in the heat? Here are some top tips for improving your night's rest.

The $20 Allegra textured cushions are also perfect for the bedroom, and have apparently flying off the shelves after the collection's launch this week. Probably because they're $20 and look like they should be, like, quadruple that.

In Rose, Natural and Sage. Image: Target

We're also predicting that the new range's Willa woven chair will become a favourite. At $49, it looks (and costs) like the perfect way to finish off our bedroom's trans-seasonal transformation - or a nice outdoor chair to read a good book under a tree in.


Target has continued the natural fibres theme with woven rattan baskets and placemats and wooden serving bowls and trays.

Oh, and some expensive-looking vases that are from $6 to $12. Because there's nothing we love more than products that make us look fancy without an exorbitant price tag.

target vases
Ceramic and glaze vases. Image: Target

If you need us, we'll be Marie Kondoing to make room for our new, joy-sparking haul.

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