CONGRATS: Target realises women come in different sizes, adjusts mannequins accordingly.

Let’s hear it for Target!

You know what’s weird about mannequins (aside from their dead, soulless eyes)?

They’re always the same size. Slim. Despite the average Australian woman being a size 14, our retail industry still insists on using mannequins that are a standard size 8.

But one retail giant has proudly said, ‘No more!’

This week, size 16 mannequins will be rolled out across Target stores nationwide, with the first two curvaceous ladies landing in Chadstone.

target plus sized mannequins
The first instalment. (Image: Supplied)

“We want to change the way Australian retailers represent women,” Managing Director at Target Australia Stuart Machin said in a statement, “we hope that these mannequins will help to start a new conversation in the fashion industry, and trigger some change.”

Machin says the new mannequins are just the latest step in the company’s ongoing commitment to representing a diverse range of body shapes and sizes, including a new range for petite women and the Belle Curves collection, which caters for women up to a size 26.

Every body.

“The real-sized mannequins will take this commitment to diversity one step further, by helping every-day women to accurately see what clothes will look like on themselves and on a body that they can identify with,” he said.

“We know how important it is to be accessible for real Australians.”

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