5 things we want to buy from Target's active range. Right now.

Images: Target.

Shopping for fitness equipment can be daunting. Not just because there’s such a huge range of options out there in the world, but because tossing even a few items in your cart (digital or physical) can add up to a quite a hefty sum.

However, your workout tools don’t have to cost more than a gym membership.

Enter: Target. Until recently we had no idea the retailer had such a great, affordable “Active” range  Dumbells for the price of a large flat white! Skipping ropes that’ll give you change from a fiver! Now we’re talking.

If it wasn’t already December, we’d say this discovery was like Christmas come early. But hey — if you’re still on the hunt for stocking fillers for your sporty friends, we’ve done the work for you! Here are five products we have our eyes on.

1. Foam roller

If you haven’t yet experienced the hurts-so-good joys of rolling your aching muscles over one of these firm tubes, you’re in for a treat. Foam rollers are a useful self-massage tool that can also help prevent workout injuries and release tension in your body. Often a roller will set you back $20 or more, but this one is $12. (Buy it here.)

2. Fitness mat

This fitness mat is ideal for gym workouts, yoga, Pilates, or just carrying over your shoulder while you're going about your day in your activewear (guilty? Us too). It comes in pink, aqua and grey — though the grey isn't currently available online —  and at just $8 it'll give you change from a $10 note. Don't spend that two dollars all at once, okay? (Buy it here.)

Watch: Coincidentally, here's a yoga workout you can do at home with this lovely mat. (Post continues after video.)


3. Skipping ropes

As far as home workouts go, skipping is a winner. It's easy, doesn't require a huge amount of space, and you only need one piece of equipment — and at Target, this will cost you less than five bucks. The Weighted Skipping Rope, which has 125g removable weights in each handle, is $4 (buy it here) while the Speed Rope is a steal at $2.40 (buy it here).

4. Resistance tube

If strength and toning is the name of your game, a resistance tube is a must-have. These stretchy devices will help to tone, sculpt and warm up your muscles, and this one is just $8. Seriously. If you're a novice, don't fret — it also comes with a sheet of suggested exercises and tips to help you through. How could you, ahem, resist? (Buy it here.)

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5. Dumbells

What's a home workout kit without some dumbells? Target Active offers three weights at very affordable prices. One kilo is $4 a pop (buy here); two kilos costs $8 (buy here); and four kilos will set you back $12 each (buy here). They're available in grey, pink and aqua and are wrapped in neoprene so they won't destroy your floor if you accidentally drop one.

What's your favourite place to buy fitness gear? Why?

NB: This isn't a sponsored post — we're just really excited about these products.