Women of Australia, just a gentle reminder that tampons are a luxury you don't need.


The tampon tax. You may have heard of it.

It’s this little rule that forces Australian women to cough up extra cash for their feminine hygiene products.

The Australian Government can do this because in 2000, they introduced a Goods and Services Tax that labelled sanitary products such as pads and tampons as non-essential ‘luxury’ items.

Items that are not considered luxury included: condoms. nicotine patches, types of lubricant and food.

It’s an absolute joke and a direct tax on women.

The Australian Government has made no indication they will be removing the tax and the Opposition has promised little better.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten confirmed that Labor supported the taxation applied to tampons in 2016.

The video playing above is a soft reminder of how wrong it is that Australian women continue to pay more for an item so important to their health.