Tammin Sursok has changed her hair colour... again.

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Last time we reported on Tammin Sursok’s colour change we almost gave away an important Pretty Little Liars plot line, we promise not to do that again.

Well, not on purpose.

The 31-year-old has reversed her blonde hair back to her natural brown, and the rumour is it’s for a new role. i.e. Nothing to do with her role as Jenna in Pretty Little Liars. The ex-Home & Away star uploaded a photo of her new hair yesterday with the caption: ‘New hair. New day.’

We may be looking into it a bit too closely, but she doesn’t look overwhelming happy about her latest hair colour. Don't you think?


She captioned the above image tagging in her colourist, Britt King with: 'Hey brown hair- we meet again.'

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Take a peek through her Instagram page and you'll in see her latest photo she has blonde hair. Yesterday it was brown, three weeks ago it was blonde, and in a flashback holiday snap taken in Cambodia she's was brunette again, followed by blonde, followed by brown.

Has found some magic formula for not shredding her hair every time she colours it? Is she trying to keep the Pretty Little Liars fans on edge? Or like Bec Hewitt, does she suffer from post Home & Away colourchangeitis?

It's official, we can't keep up.

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