Tammin Sursok: "What I wish people had told me about motherhood."

The former Home And Away star is sharing some honest feels about parenting.

After having her first child last year, ex-Home and Away star Tammin Sursok, has opened up about the difficulties of becoming a mum during filming of a Johnson’s Baby advice video.

“I wish people had told me the first couple of months are really hard,”  Tammin, 30, wishes she was told her how hard the first few months of motherhood would be and says “I feel like you put so much pressure on yourself and you feel so guilty in the beginning”.

But after experiencing a “learning curve”, the Pretty Little Liars star jokes “If you keep your child alive every day, you’re doing a pretty good job.”

But Tammin tries to resist the temptation of turning to Google for parenting advice. “I think Google is such a blessing, but also such a horrible thing. You always find things that are wrong or that you’ve done wrong. My parents never really had that so they kind of just figured it out” she explains.

Tammin is married to producer Sean McEwen, and they celebrated the arrival of their daughter Phoenix in October last year.

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