Tammin Sursok's three-year-old daughter really doesn't like dance class.

Tammin Sursok has admitted defeat in the most hilarious way.

The actress, writer and former Home And Away star hasn’t been shy about sharing the ups and downs of becoming a mother for the first time, even going into detail about the identity crisis she suffered after her beautiful daughter came into her life on her lifestyle blog.

Sticking true to the personal vow she made in that blog, to get out of her head and be more present in the fleeting precious moments she has with her daughter while she is still so young, Tammin took her daughter to a dance class yesterday.

And according to Instagram, her ‘little ballerina’ wasn’t having a bar of it…


She wrote:

when you want your kids to do certain things because it fits your agenda. Like dance. You really want your little girl to LOVE dance just like you did as a kid. I’m officially taking cues from my three year old that will not follow the crowd. I think she has decided to retire from dancing. Soccer here we come!???????? @officialseanmcewen1

You have to admire Tammin’s sense of humour here. She’s definitely not the first parent to attempt to coax their child into a hobby to fit her own agenda (was anyone else forced along to ballet-jazz or Girl Guides after school when they really weren’t feeling it?).

But she’s caught on early that is just not her daughter’s thing, and respected it – or at least, her toddler’s attention span just might not agree with a structured class right now?

Either way, good on you Tammin, strap on those soccer boots!

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