There's only one thing on Tammin Sursok's wishlist this Christmas.

Tammin Sursok has revealed her biggest desire…

Almost a decade after she first left Australia, Tammin Sursok is back on home turf for the festive season.

The 31-year-old, who relocated from Sydney to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career back in 2006, has brought one-year-old daughter Phoenix back to experience a true blue Christmas.

Tammin shows Phoenix Sydney Harbour Bridge. Via Instagram.

And, while it's no secret that the young actress and her film director hubbie Sean McEwan have plans for their family to grow, Tammin has revealed she would love nothing more than for that to happen back in Oz where she can be close to family.

"My dream would be to raise Phoenix in Sydney and have her going to school here," she said yesterday.

"It just depends on where the next five years take us."

"We are planning on having more kids and we obviously want to be around her grandparents."

Tammin showing Phoenix her hometown.Via Instagram

Tammin and Sean, who married in Italy in 2011, have a "five-year-plan" that they hope will see them living back in Sydney with three children. Speaking yesterday at Billich Gallery in The Rocks the young mum expressed her joy at being able to show her daughter her hometown for the first time.

"It's such a crazy experience to bring your child back for the first time and, you know, show her all the things you saw when you grew up," she said

"It's very sentimental, actually, and nostalgic for me."

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